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DeVasco's Daughters is an event planning and styling partnership making its home in Bloomington, Minnesota. 


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Every event is meticulously crafted - from the initial concept to designing every artistic detail. What stems from the essence of generations of artistic women, is now a full-service firm owned and operated by Krista Hess Crawford and her two daughters, Alexa and Sydney. DeVasco's Daughters is affectionately named after the matriarch of the family - grandmother, Shirley Maree Vasconcellos, who signed her art de Vasco. 


We believe that every successful event includes artistic design, minute planning, and unique styling. We value the idea that less is more, that the quality of simple elegance greatly outweighs quantity. We carry these values into everything we do.  Imagination, design, and service is what we are known for! We will design an event that you and your guests will remember forever.



"Elegance" describes the tone of our work. Think of it as  a guideline that permits everything to be cohesive, yet unique.  Together, choices of color and design are carried out in our personal styling, based on your hopes and input.  Your event, whether an intimate backyard gathering or corporate event, is guaranteed to be unique to you and your guests.


DISHES & Linens

Our collection of antiques and modern pieces are what make  our events unlike any other.

Inspired by art and collected over generations, rare and exclusive dishes, linens and furnishings are some of the many ways an event will stand out from others. 







Our furniture has been carefully selected and is of the finest quality and fabrics. We find pieces that tell stories and illustrate romantic and enchanting elements that you won't find elsewhere. Whether it's a beautiful chair for the bride or an elegant chandelier that alters the mood from typical to magical, we can supply that difference.

Do you want to include a memory or relive a special experience?  We will help select those pieces (yours or ours) that will incorporate your thoughts seamlessly into your event.







For each event, we enjoy collaborating with other talented vendors in order to give you limitless possibilities.

We have listed a few of our favorites for you!

When working with us you are not limited to working with these vendors; it's simply that we have prior experience with them.

We are confident that we will continue to add to these favorites!


À la carte



We offer an array of boutique services from our thoughtfully curated gift boxes to our custom designed and hand calligraphed signage. For information on custom orders please complete the form and we will reach out to you to discuss further details. 





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